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Scheelite, Arsenopyrite, Quartz, Calcite, Dolomite, Fluorite

Xianghualing Mine, Xianghualing Sn-polymetallic ore field, Linwu Co., Chenzhou, Hunan – China

9,5×6,5×6 cm. (Scheelite not over 4 mm., main Quartz 4 cm.)

Extraordinary and rare association of 5 mineral species, all in a single specimen from China. On one side the Quartz is completely covered by many shiny grayish-brown tetragonal Scheelite crystals, in wonderful contrast to the white Calcite; on the other the Quartz crystals are combined with crystallized Arsenopyrite; in the section below  the specimen is covered by numerous white Calcite crystals associated with purple Fluorite; here and there the piece is partially encrusted with yellowish Dolomite.





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