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Fluorite, Calcite, Pyrite

Moscona Mine, El Pontón de Solís, Corvera de Asturias, Asturias, Spain

7,2x6x5,5 cm. ( Calcite 2,7x2x1,5 cm. – main Fluorite 2,3x2x1,4 cm.)

Yellow honey-colored Fluorite crystals in association with a single Calcite crystal, forming a common combo easily found in the Moscona mine. However, this specimen stands out from typical samples for various reasons: the sizes of the largest cubes, the perfection and brilliance, the excellent transparency, and the aesthetically pleasing position of the Calcite crystal on top. The Calcite is white and appears crystallized in three distinct steps, creating an unusual and captivating appearance. The beauty of this specimen is further enhanced by the presence of tiny Pyrite crystals. Ultimately, it is an aesthetic and highly representative specimen

The Moscona Mine in Spain is known for producing high-quality fluorite in various colors, including purple, green and blue, but found in crystal layers with nearly total predominance of the yellow color. The widespread distribution of Calcite within the mine and the extensive variety of crystal habits observed for this mineral make it not difficult to find specimens of fluorite associated with calcite; from a mineralogical perspective, we are referring to a site that has yielded millions of crystallized specimens of fluorite, barite (which often shows a natural blue color), dolomite, and calcite.

Moscona Mine is located in the Asturias region, an area renowned for diverse mineral deposits. The specific geological conditions and rock composition in the area contribute to the formation of high-quality fluorite crystals.The Fluorite deposits of Asturias (northern Iberian Peninsula) are hosted by rocks of Permo-Triassic and Palaeozoic age and the source of Fluorine is probably related to leaching of deep volcanic rocks of Permian age; the mineralization formed when the deep brines mixed with the surficial fluids in breccias and fractures resulting in the formation of veins and stratabound bodies of Fluorite, Barite, Calcite, Dolomite and Quartz.





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