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Zinnwaldite, Scheelite, Quartz

Zinnwald-Cínovec mining region, Ore Mountains, Europe

9,5×6,5×4,5 cm.

We are reasonably convinced that this specimen can satisfy even the most demanding collectors, particularly those who appreciate exclusivity. This piece is special for its aesthetics, associations, and mining area. The aesthetic focal point of this sample is represented by an imposing single smoky Quartz crystal, as dark as a Morion crystal but translucent brown when crossed by strong lighting; the marbled tip surface is remarkable and unique. The uniqueness of this piece is further enhanced by the presence of Scheelite in the form of small crystallized spherules.

Zinnwaldite got its name from Zinnwald  where was discovered and classified for the first time in 1845, located on the border between Germany and the Czech Republic; Zinnwald (now Cinovec) is a German toponym that derives from Zinn (tin) as the area was rich in tin deposits


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