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Tourmaline, Stilbite

Malkhan,Krasnyi Chikoy, Krasnochikoysky district, Russia

4,2×2,3×1,5 cm.

This Elbaite crystal is complete all around and displays lustrous prism faces that exhibit light striations parallel to their length with two sharp, glassy terminations. Translucent to transparent structure, it reveal in general a pink-magenta color classic for this locale, with the top more intensly magenta. Termination below is very interesting because it shows areas of different intensities, more magenta in the core. Elbaite is associated and completed by the presence of a well crystallized light yellow Stilbite cluster. The overall quality of this specimen hardly comes from this classic Russian locality, and for this reason this piece can be considered an excellent and rare example. Custom base included.





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