TOURMALINE – Madagascar – GFS0364

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Anjanabonoina pegmatites, Ambohimanambola, Betafo District, Vakinankaratra, Madagascar

7,5×4,5×3,5 cm.

Impressive tourmaline from the Anjanabonoina pegmatites. This striking erect, apparently single crystal, is very glassy, highly lustrous with striated sides, above closed by a couple of pristine prismatic terminations with in evidence yellow-brownish color; Tourmaline body, covered on one side from white matrix, is ostensibly dark-brown but under backlighting reveals a fine internal texture with many transparent areas and olive-green-yellow color while the section below show an appreciable pink color. Anjanabonoina is famous for large multi-colored tourmalines and this piece is a fascinating example. Custom base included.




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