HEMATITE – Italy – GFS0382

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Monte Cervandone area, Devero Alp, Baceno, Verbano-Cusio-Ossola Province, Piedmont, Italy

6×5,5×4 cm. (eisenrose 1,8×1,5×0,4 cm.)

Amazing Hematite (var. Eisenrose) from this well-know and famous italian locality consisting in a well-formed, large and impressive tabular hexagonal Iron Rose crystal showing extraordinary luster, aesthetically set on gneiss matrix.

The Devero park was founded by the Veglia park authority in 1990; it has been established to protect the environmental and natural characteristics of the Divedro and Devero valleys. It is a regional park where you can look for minerals under authorization, and Monte Cervandone is a symbol mountain for the mineral prospectors, both on the Swiss side and on the Italian side. The Monte Cervandone, also known as Scherbadung mount, is a mountain of the Lepontine Alps on the Swiss-Italian border. Its Italian name has been used to name the mineral Cervandonite which has only been found there.



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