FLUORITE, BARYTE – Germany – GFS0385

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Fluorite, Baryte

Beihilfe Mine, Halsbrücke, Mittelsachsen, Saxony, Germany

12×5,5×4,5 cm. (main Fluo 1 cm. – main Baryte 2,3 cm.)

Rare and unusual association from this well-known German locality consisting by aesthetic combination of white Baryte lamellar balls, translucent to transparent yellow Fluorite and minor Galena. Super display in terms of color contrast and structural composition.

The “Grube Beihilfe” area became famous mainly for its excellent fluorite crystals, well-formed barite, attractive galena and red sphalerite crystals. All opportunities for discovery ceased after the mine closed; interesting material can still be purchased today, but hardly in aesthetics specimens; especially the finds of fluorite have made the Beihilfe area known all over the world, Its cube-shaped crystals in particular are beautifully colored in electric blue, bright yellow, purple or, rarely, rose-red. The Grube Beihilfe area was mined since 1600s and abandoned in 1969.


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