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Brazilianite, Muscovite

Linópolis, Divino das Laranjeiras, Minas Gerais, Brazil

8,5×6,8×4,8 cm. ( main crystal 6,5x3x1,8 cm.)

This complex cluster of Brazilianite, with typical color and glossy appearance, comes from the world-famous locality of Linopolis; the biggest crystal is centrally positioned and associated with three lustrous blades of Muscovite.

Named after its country of origin, Brazil, Brazilianite is a rare and highly prized mineral, sought after by every collector for its rarity and distinctive beauty.

examples of Brazilianite from Minas Gerais :

Belonging to the apatite group, it is a phosphate mineral renowned for its vibrant green to yellowish-green color. It occurs in pegmatite veins, which are coarse-grained igneous rocks, typically found alongside other minerals such as albite, muscovite, and quartz. The formation of Brazilianite is attributed to hydrothermal processes, wherein hot fluids, abundant in phosphorus and other elements, interact with the surrounding rocks over extended periods. The rarity and limited occurrence of Brazilianite are a result of the specific conditions necessary for its formation, encompassing the correct temperature, pressure, and chemical composition. Additional occurrences of Brazilianite are found in the United States (New Hampshire, Maine, and California), Russia, Namibia, Afghanistan, and Portugal. Nevertheless, Brazilian specimens are generally regarded as the finest in terms of color, clarity, and overall quality.

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