APATITE – Austria – GFS0285

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Apatite, Chlorite

Zillertal, Schwaz District, Tyrol, Austria

9x4x3,2 cm.(main Apatite 1,7×0,3 cm.)

A clarification is necessary, the locality name “Floitental”, reported on the old  labels, is composed by two words: Floiten and tal (valley); “Floite” is how the valley is called in the local dialect. After this explanation it’s not difficult to understand that this piece is not only ancient but rare; distinctly rare in perfection and beauty this specimen features a colorless, sharp, lustrous single exsagonal crystal of Apatite with translucent to transparent aspect and surrounded by other smaller Apatite crystals. Green Chlorite partially covers this specimen and completes its beauty. This piece has three labels, two of these are very old, written in ink and coming from the Ing. L. Bardelli collection and from G. d’Anna collection, the third label is more recent and comes from Dr. Francesco Bedognè collection. For these reasons this piece can be considered a masterpiece.


In stock


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Dimensions 9 × 4 × 3.2 cm




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